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Customer Comments

"Very enjoyable day, learned new skills and would recommend to friends, thank you."
Gordon (London) Jun 2009

"Thanks very, very much for yesterday - it was absolutely great! We had a fantastic time."
Albie (Exmouth) Apr 2009

"Thanks for a great week. We both had a great time and enjoyed your company and guidance. Hope to see you again soon..."
Kate & Tom (London) May 2009

Rock Climbing

Essential Adventure

Providing an exciting and unique experience, we want you to enjoy your time with us, making sure you gain more from your Essential Adventure. That's why we ensure every activity meets needs and requirements. Whether its one to one tuition, corporate development, an educational programme, a birthday, family event or just a fun weekend.

Our philosophy

We are passionate about the outdoor environment and enjoy the excitement, opportunities and experiences it gives. It provides a positive impact on health, motivation, is fun and helps overcome fears and anxiety, stimulating personal and professional development. Our goal is to open up outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy and to share in new and exciting experiences.

Adventure and the environment

The quality of life for everyone, now and in the future, depends largely on protecting and where possible enhancing the natural environment. Outdoor recreation, both organised and ad-hoc provides valuable life experiences, which rely on cared for and protected countryside landscapes. In Devon, we are fortunate enough to have at our disposal, some of the most stunning landscapes in the country. To ensure these areas can be enjoyed by future generations, we insist that all our activities are delivered with minimal environmental impact. Quite simply, we never leave any trace of our visits behind.